After a long tiring day, if all of us manage to go to a clean home with a warm bed and a hot meal, to whom do we give the credit? It is undoubtedly our amazing moms or partners whose lives practically revolve around us. So, isn’t it our duty to give them a home that they completely love? If you are looking for that perfect apartments in electronic city for your homemaker, then Mahendra Aarna would be the perfect choice for you. To know why read on!

Private terrace gardens

If the lady of your home loves to garden and grow food for the family, these flats in Electronic City would be perfect for her. At Mahendra Aarna you will find private terrace gardens for select flats.


Most homemakers tend to have busy schedules especially in the mornings and going to a gym is not easy unless it is right inside the premises. With a gym in the middle of the community, she will have time to focus on her health.

Jogging Track

For the ladies who are not very comfortable exercising in a gym, this apartment in Electronic City has a jogging track for her where she can get her daily dose of sunshine.

Unique Amenities

Every individual needs some time for themselves and being a homemaker doesn’t necessarily mean that they get tied to their homes. This thought has led us to incorporate amenities like various sports courts, an infinity swimming pool, a library, etc thus ensuring that there is a provision for each hobby.

Distance from Recreational Facilities

Sitting at home, all day long could be very tiring for your partner. This apartments in Bangalore is home to several recreational facilities and even has a shopping mall coming up in the area namely M5-ECITY. Additionally, it is a simple 15-minute drive from Koramangala where you have several options for shopping and dining.

Socialization Opportunities

Since it is our homemakers who spend a lot of time at home waiting for us to return, they must have a social circle of their own which is why we have incorporated various common spaces like an amphitheatre, a multipurpose court, pet parks, gardens, etc where they can meet like-minded people. Also, at Mahendra Aarna, you will see each festival being celebrated with great aplomb thus giving her multiple opportunities to socialize.

Maintenance Staff

Having maintenance staff right inside the premises is a huge blessing which we are sure most of you will agree. Whatever the problem may be, she can just give a call and get it fixed without having to depend on or wait for anyone.


It is usually our homemakers who spend a lot of time alone in the house and it is important that they feel safe. This is why this property for sale in electronic city in has round the clock security along with an intercom facility so that no one is sent to the flat without her behest.

Grocery Store

With a grocery store right in front of the gate, life becomes convenient for her without her having to travel far for groceries.  

Children’s Play Area

So, how is a children’s play area going to be of any help to her is what you may wonder. By playing with the kids, she gets to forge strong bonds with them and also reduce her blood cortisol and increase serotonin. Also, she gets to meet other parents and form friendships with them.

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