From brick to building, everything is custom-made.

The Mahendra Group maintains strict quality in all materials, by sourcing them directly from our own facilities.

Bharat Cement Products

In the year 1990, Bharath Cement Products has commenced its quality operations in Bangalore. The flagship product of the company has been Bricks. With the inception of the Bharath Cement Products in 2007, it gradually expanded its spread to Cement Products. Bharath Cement Products with 5 Ready Mix Concrete Plants of 390 cum/Hour Capacity is selling the highest volume of RMC in Bangalore under its brand “BCP”.

Bharath Cement Products with state of the art infrastructure & process driven systems has proved to be a quality product supplier to the construction companies, real estate developers, Contractors & individuals be it on the parameters of innovative and cost effective too.

The company has invested in the manufacturing facilities with the sophisticated equipments to meet the expanding demand for the quality cement products viz: Ready Mix Concrete, Cement Concrete Blocks, Concrete Hollows / Solid and Fly ash bricks. The Bharath Cement Products is a major consumer of the branded cements in Bangalore.

Bharat Blue Metals

In the year 2000, Bharath Blue Metals has established its unit in Bangalore to suffice the requirements of blue metals and similar to Bharath Cement Products, it has proved to be a quality supplier.

Bharath Blue Metals with 2 Crusher Plants of 1.00 lac Cft / month production capacity has been supporting the in-house Ready Mix Production to a tune of 60% – 70% and the rest is sold in retail.

The quarry land is spread across 104 acres near Hosur, Tamilnadu. Bharath Blue Metals has been complying with the Indian Standards code & our supply is accredited by CIVIL AID TECHNO PVT Ltd (CIVIL AID).

Bharath Blue Metals offers world-class M-sand in terms of quality and fineness equivalent to natural sand.

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