This is a term that has different connotations for different people. But for most people, convenient homes were once used to mean those that were near to their workplace, child’s school and the nearest grocery store. But with the recent pandemic, it has taken a new meaning altogether. They have now been defined as homes that are custom-made to suit the requirements of working individuals and families. Since 2020, there has been a complete change in most of our schedules with a large section of the population having been offered work from home.

 Our day starts with an online workout session with our instructor after which our zoom meetings with our colleagues start. Meanwhile, your child has started her online classes. All these activities require sufficient utility and living space which is why convenient realty is the new buzzword in the real-estate sector. Bangalore’s Electronic City being the new realty hotspot is offering such convenient homes due to which there has been a rise in demand for these apartments in Bangalore .

There are two major aspects when we are to talk of convenient homes namely affordability and amenities which are the need of the hour. These homes don’t just come with good returns but also with sufficient space, good connectivity, open spaces and several amenities with additional safety measures. Flats in Electronic City offer you this dual advantage of affordability coupled with amenities thus helping you enjoy the best of both worlds. With a large chunk of the working population having settled in the area, this belt has seen a rapid development in infrastructure making it one of the most sought-after areas. Due to this, the area has seen a surge in developers like Mahendra Homes who have always been ahead of their time and have developed convenient homes much before it was a word. All their flats in electronic city are equipped with 77% open space along with zero walls sharing thus enabling you the convenience of privacy and adequate space for your activities.

With the lockdown having forced most of us to be heavily dependent on technology, it is important that you ensure that power is not a problem. At Mahendra Aarna, you have power backup to enable you to work peacefully and not make your child miss out on their online classes. Add to this, their more than 40 unique amenities have been keeping their residents happy and comfortable much before the term “convenient realty” became popular. If you are looking at a good property for sale in Bangalore, this is a definite safe bet due to it being extremely resident-centric. Great care and research have been taken to ensure that these flats in Electronic City are ideal dream homes for anyone looking to buy one.

But, is it the right time to invest?

With decade-low home loan rates, reduced stamp duty and attractive payment schemes, this is the right time to buy your dream home. And these convenient homes will offer you a lifestyle that will set your mind at ease in any situation. 

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