As a young adult, I remember being introduced to this book “If I built a house” by Chris Van Dusen and remember being enthralled by the protagonist’s ideas of his dream house which has a flying room, racetrack room and a whole lot of other crazy features.

While a flying room is still a distant dream for us, some amenities are within our reach and which we should look for when buying a home. Fortunately, Mahendra Homes, after much research has crafted its homes with some top-notch amenities for its clientele.

Here’s the list as follows.

Open Floor Plans

According to the findings of the National Association of Home Builders, about 86% of home buyers have evinced interest in having a living space that is either partially or completely open in its space. Mahendra Homes understands this and has implemented this in their projects be it in Mahendra Aarna or in Mahendra Elena where you would get to see open plan living areas onto large balconies or courtyards thus making you feel as if you are in a house and not in an apartment at all.

Finish& Materials

You must check the type of materials used to build your dream home. We, here at Mahendra Homes use only the best quality of tiles, wood and aluminium windows as we believe that you deserve the best.

Sports Facilities

Being healthy physically and mentally is very important for one’s well-being. Look for those properties which have access to jogging tracks, basketball courts or a cricket pitch so that you can get your required share of physical activity. In case, you are an indoor person, make sure that there is a clubhouse with all the indoor games well stocked.

Recreational Facilities

After a long hard day at work, it is no brainer that you would finally want to relax and you might be too tired to step out. Hence it is a bonus if the property has an amphitheatre and a multipurpose hall. A swimming pool is non-negotiable. For nature lovers, look out for those properties which have plenty of gardens and orchards. At Mahendra Homes, you will experience all this and much more.

Civic Amenities

Make sure that the property has adequate water supply and water conservation measures in place as well as a sound security system along with power backup and proper car parking. These cannot be compromised at any cost


We understand that the task of looking for a new home is not easy and may even drive us up the wall sometimes but believe it or not, this is the best investment one can ever make. So it is important that you carefully scrutinize all the amenities that you desire and make an informed decision thus not regretting later. We here at Mahendra Homes try to constantly understand and satisfy your needs which is why our properties are equipped with 40+ amenities. For the real picture, book a visit today!

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