I must have been about 7 when my parents first tried to invest in a flat and to date they recount the horrors of the process. After being painted a very rosy picture by the builder with glossy brochures and after paying 90% of the flat’s cost, they were in for a rude shock. The flat took forever to complete and then they were pressurised to move in without an occupancy certificate. Things took to worse once they did. The electricity connection was temporary there were problems with the drainage, the paint was peeling already It was a never-ending list.

Having grown up with this experience, it was only natural that I and my husband put in a lot more research than usual once we decided to buy apartments in Bangalore. This led to several hours on the internet, visits to several flats and endless discussions with friends and family who had invested in apartments in electronic city. Unfortunately, that just confused us further. But finally, we made our choice and that is Mahendra Aarna. Right from our first call with their sales representative to the loan documentation process and even after that, they were with us in every step. 

For a large part of my life I had lived in cloistered apartments that resembled tiny cubicles. This residential apartment in Electronic City changed my perception of apartments. With 77% open space, I no longer felt closeted. All those gardens gave me and my family our daily dose of fresh air. I was finally hitting the gym as I could no longer use the ruse that the gym is too far. The most reassuring part was I could finally stop worrying about my children playing on the roads and getting hurt. The place has a wonderful play area for the kids along with several sports courts like a cricket pitch, badminton court, etc and a kid’s pool too. Additionally, the locality has some of the best schools in the city. 

Apart from this, this flats in electronic city is extremely pet-friendly but also accommodating to the residents who are not very comfortable with pets. There are designated pet parks where we get to walk our pooches and meet other pet parents. Thanks to the old folks’ corner, my parents now had a zone where they could relax and interact with their peers. Aside from all these, the best part is our dream home was delivered to us on time. The project is RERA and OC approved. There has already been an appreciation in the price of the property owing to the advantage of location and the upcoming Namma Metro Line.

To conclude, we have never been happier and this has to be one of the best decisions that we have made. Right from the time we got married, I and my husband always wanted a cute home to call our very own. After 7 years, the dream has finally been fulfilled by one of the best flats for sale in Bangalore it is Mahendra Aarna . 

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