One of the most common questions that all developers face is the property compliant with Vastu?  Having originated 5000 years back, this traditional system of Indian Architecture is now something that almost every homebuyer is keen upon when buying properties in Bangalore or anywhere else for that matter. Said to be a harbinger of positive energy, though many of you want your homes to be Vastu-compliant, there are still some of you who need a bit of help in ascertaining if that flats in Electronic City is Vastu-compliant. So to know more read on!

Main Door

The position of the main entrance is very important. Directions which work well are.


This is considered to be one of the most auspicious directions in a home. The logic behind this is that your home will be filled with sunshine throughout the day.


Your next best option would be to choose for a north entrance. Apart from being high in energy, it is said to bring good fortune to the residents.


This direction is said to enhance power and festivity.


If you have no option but to have an entrance on the south wall of the home, ensure that it is a south-east entrance.


West facing entrances bring in a lot of sunlight in the evenings and are also associated with wealth.

Security Cabin

The security cabin of your apartments in Bangalore is usually not recommended in the North- East direction.


The kitchen represents cosmic fire. The placement of the kitchen is very important to keep the fire element in balance.

Fire signifies cash flow. According to the Vastu experts, Southeast is the preferred location for the kitchen. Some alternative directions are West and North West.


Most Vastu experts agree that the master bedroom should be ideally located in the south-west corner. This would ensure that the person’s legs are pointed towards North or East. It is said that sleeping with the legs pointed towards the East gives reputation and wealth while sleeping with the legs pointed towards the North increases prosperity. Mirrors must not be facing the bed.


The bathroom is generally preferred in the North-west or west direction as it is used to discard waste. They must never share a wall with the kitchen or the pooja room. The door of the bathroom should not be facing the kitchen or dining area. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times to prevent negative energy from entering your home 

Water bodies

These are generally recommended in the east or northern directions.

Windows and Doors

The total number of windows and doors are recommended to be in equal numbers.

Pooja Room

The ideal location of your pooja room would be in the north-east followed by the east and north.

At Mahendra Homes, you can be rest assured of your flats being Vastu-compliant. Having constructed several properties in Bangalore their flats in electronic city have been designed keeping all these parameters in mind. To know more book a visit soon.

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