Given a choice between apartments in electronic city and an apartment the inner parts of Bangalore, what would one’s decision be? This depends on a multitude of factors. It is essential to evaluate your priorities, weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. So where do you invest? What does one have that the others don’t? To know the answers to these questions, read on!

Cost of Living

Though the area is popular for its infrastructure, it is touted to be one of the least expensive areas to live in Bangalore. This has given rise to the demand for ready to move flats in electronic city.


When we have to talk of connectivity, almost no area can beat Electronic City. The upcoming Namma Metro Line is further going to reduce the commute time. The area has an expressway and 6 lane roads to further increase its accessibility. Several buses continue to ply to and from the area. Also, the upcoming Hosur Airport is just 27 km away.

Capital Values

Apartments in Electronic City are much lower priced when compared to the ones in the interiors of the city but have higher growth potential. This is on account of the forever increasing I.T companies and the continually developing infrastructure.

Proximity to the best Educational Institutions

Reputed educational institutions like Treamis, Candor International School and PES College continue to spring up in Electronic City. The boost in the I.T sector has led to this development.

Cosmopolitan Culture

Nowadays, we can safely say the World has become a global village. The crowd residing in Electronic City comes from different parts of our country. This allows us to have a multi-cultural, enriching experience. Our children too can benefit from the same. Moreover, on the bonus side, you can also find people from your state, making you feel like home away from home.

Rental capital value

Ready to move flats in Bangalore has the highest demand in the corridor when it comes to home buying. Investors can expect rental returns of about 4 to 5 percent. There is a huge demand for rental as well. This is due to proximity to their workplaces. Good connectivity and infrastructure are other factors that make it extremely appealing to tenants. The rental yield would be lucrative if you have plans of renting out your flat or even would be beneficial in attracting potential buyers if you do want to sell your flat in the future.

Scope for development

Electronic city is teeming with MNC’S with new ones always opening up. It is wise to invest in areas where the government would be interested in developing the infrastructure to drive investment from international conglomerates.

To conclude, be it in terms of connectivity, proximity to schools or hospitals, Electronic City is unparalleled when compared to any area. If you are dreaming of owning one of the best apartments in Bangalore, book a visit now.

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