When virtual reality was first introduced, it was met with disbelief which later turned to amazement and hasn’t stopped thrilling people ever since. The Sensorama, one of the first examples of virtual reality simulated a city where one could ride on a motorcycle, hear the engine, feel the vibration and smell the motorcycle’s exhaust. We have come a long way since and organizations have been embracing virtual reality more and more so that their clients get a feel of their product or service before they could even buy it. In the current situation, an increasing percentage of buyers are opting to shop for homes online and want a feel of the property before they can shortlist it. This is now possible through virtual tours where you get to see the property from different angles at different times of the day.

Several properties in Bangalore are now being accompanied by virtual tours due to their increasing acceptance amongst realtors and buyers. Some other reasons that can be attributed to their growing demand are:

  • Saves Time

Buyers need not drive long distances only to find that the property looks far from their expectations. They get to have an idea of how the house looks even before they can step inside. Sellers also need not spend large amounts of time staging the house. Virtual tours set clear expectations for both the buyers and sellers thus enhancing transparency.

  • Buyers can take time viewing the house

Buyers can view the house at a leisurely pace without feeling rushed and can view it multiple times whenever they want. This helps in making an informed decision while purchasing these properties in Bangalore.

  • A virtual tour is like a perpetually open house

Virtual tours enable buyers to view the home anytime and sellers need not worry about staging the house and cleaning up after. 

  • Staging a home requires lesser effort

More often than not, sellers are forced to show these properties in Bangalore to buyers who do not have any actual interest.  Virtual tours alleviate this issue and sellers can now invest their time in showing the property to interested buyers.

How does it benefit the sellers though?

  • Increased Online Engagement

There is increased online engagement with buyers when it comes to virtual tours. Additionally, flats in Bangalore that have virtual tours are more likely to receive a larger number of leads that account for about forty percent more clicks. According to recent studies, millennials are 130% more likely to book a visit to those properties that have a virtual tour. Virtual tours are also said to bring in ninety percent more mobile inquiries and sixty-five percent more email inquiries.

To sum it up, virtual tours are a great way to showcase a property in a detailed manner. It is quick, efficient and economic thus satisfying both realtors and sellers. But, do make sure that you rely on reputed sites and save yourself from being duped. Happy house hunting!

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