Usually, when people buy property, they check several aspects like size, location, future valuation, rental value, amenities available, etc. But, very few of them pay attention to the type of formwork used in construction. For the property to serve as a long-term asset, it needs to be built using the best construction technology so that it withstands the test of time.

Thus, nowadays, most reputed builders use Mivan construction technology in their projects. So, if you are planning to buy 3 BHK Flats in Bangalore, it is essential to check whether they are made using this formwork system. Keep reading to find out why.

What Is Mivan Construction Technology?

Mivan construction technology (also known as Mivan shuttering) is a quality aluminium formwork system which is used in the construction of buildings. It was the brainchild of Mivan Company Ltd., which began manufacturing these systems in Malaysia in 1990.

Over the years, this revolutionary formwork technology has gained recognition worldwide as it enables builders to construct buildings at faster speeds, that too in large quantities. This increase in construction speed makes Mivan suitable for large-scale real estate projects like housing development, building townships, etc.

Mivan construction has been actively replacing traditional formwork systems (which use timber plywood, etc.) in Asia, Europe, Gulf Nations and other parts of the world. In India, the most popular example of its use was in the Government’s Housing for All by 2022 scheme. Furthermore, several RERA approved projects in Electronic City Bangalore are using this technology, given their faster completion times and excellent construction quality. 

So, if you ever think of buying a 2 BHK in Electronic City or even a 3 BHK, do check what type of formwork the builder is using.

Benefits of Mivan Construction Formwork

Some of the benefits of developers using Mivan construction formwork are as follows:

  • Faster completion time, which enables builders to complete their projects within schedule.
  • Increased seismic resistance, making buildings more resistant to earthquakes.
  • Requires a lesser number of joints, thus reducing the chances of leakage.
  • Excellent finishing of walls and slabs that does not require plastering.
  • Needs lower maintenance in comparison to traditional formwork buildings.
  • Larger carpet area resulting in bigger rooms.
  • Requires less labour, which reduces construction costs. 
  • Overall improved construction quality.    

Differences between Mivan Construction and Conventional Formwork

Here are the major differences between Mivan and conventional formwork systems:

ParametersMivan Formwork SystemTraditional Formwork System
Development speed7 days/floor21 days/floor (minimum)
Construction accuracyVery accurateLess accurate than modern systems
Surface finish qualityExcellentApplication of putting is necessary
Seismic resistance Good resistanceComparatively less
Construction typeCast-in-situ cellular constructionSimple RCC
Pre-planning of formwork systemsMandatory Not mandatory
Floor piece frames dismantling without expelling propsPossibleNot possible
WastageLessSubstantially higher

By looking at this table, you can clearly understand how buildings made using Mivan technology rank over traditionally constructed ones. Thus, whenever you are Googling for a “flat for sale near me” in Bangalore, do ensure that it’s built using Mivan formwork.

Why Choose Mahendra Aarya?

Mahendra Aarya offers luxury homes for sale in Electronic City, which are built to perfection using Mivan technology. Additionally, our residential complex is built on a 9.42-acre campus with 82% open space and 50 + on-premise amenities. Our aim is to offer all residents affordable yet luxurious living so that they can enjoy living in their dream homes.

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