Natural lighting is one of the most beneficial elements to a person’s well being. While choosing a home for yourself and your family, ensure that the house has at least 60% natural light available.

We’ll explain how and why natural light is beneficial to you below.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Did you know that though UV rays have gotten a bad reputation in recent years, they are most useful for killing bacteria, fungus and other harmful microbes? We usually put out mite filled grains etc out in the sun to ensure that the mites and other harmful microbes are killed.

Mould is a common problem in climates where there is a lot of rain and moisture. Having mould in the house can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, and has also been suspected to cause autoimmune diseases. Natural light is one of the best weapons against mould and fungus.

Exposing your home to sunlight ensures that you have a healthy and clean environment to thrive in.

Sunlight’s effect on the body

Sunlight is very important in order for our body to process Vitamin D efficiently. Having a good level of Vitamin D in your body strengthens your bones and prevents different diseases and painful conditions.

Exposure to natural light also helps in ensuring that your immune system is at an optimal level, thus, protecting you from various illnesses.

One of the most common complaints faced by people these days is lethargy, coupled with insomnia. Having access to sunlight when you wake up in the morning, helps your body reset to its natural circadian rhythm and hence, helps in balancing important hormones and cortisol levels. Having optimal cortisol levels and sleep are paramount when trying to manage stress. So, wake up every morning with the rising sun and you’ll naturally have a good day.

Economy with natural light

A lot of us spend our time at home reading, studying, cooking, working or engaged in various personal pursuits. Since we don’t tend to do well in dark or gloomy surroundings, we end up having to turn on several lights. This means that we are usually running up a high electricity bill or running through a hoard or bulbs and lights.

Having the sunlight streaming into your house throughout the day helps you economise on your electricity bills, while ensuring that you perform better in your choice of activities due to natural light anyway.

Say yes to more natural light when you purchase your dream home. We at AARNA, have more than 77% open spaces to ensure ample sunlight. If you would like to visit one of our properties, do schedule an appointment with us.

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