After years of contemplating if I should move or not, I finally made the choice of moving to a plush apartment in electronic city. Keeping my doubts aside and putting my fears to rest, I decided to take the plunge and I am glad that I did. The roads suddenly seemed wider and the commute time to my office much lesser than what it was usually. My kids were happier seeing me home early and more full of energy than usual. In fact, the decision to move to a flat in electronic city over Sarjapur required a lot of thought from me and my spouse’s side. Read on to see why we decided on what we did.

Saving precious time
Most of the IT companies being situated in electronic city was the key factor involved in making this decision. The elevated expressway has reduced my commute time to a great extent. The planned Peripheral Ring Road project in Sarjapur is yet to take off due to the ongoing resistance from the farmers. Saving this precious time has helped improve my performance at work, improved energy levels and the quality of time spent with loved ones.

As a mother to two young children and with my aged parents living with me, it was extremely crucial to choose a place with good healthcare facilities available. Though Sarjapur does have decent hospitals, they are nowhere close to the ones in electronic city such as Narayana Hrudayalaya. My children’s schools are near to our workplaces with all amenities in place thus dispelling our worries. This was felt as a massive hurdle when we used to stay in Sarjapur. Now that we have shifted here, a huge load has been lifted off our minds.

Having faced water scarcity for most of my growing years, having sufficient water available 24 hours was an absolute must. Properties in electronic city definitely have less of a water problem than in Sarjapur area.

Electronic City is cheaper than Sarjapur but the number of facilities offered is more. Additionally, we figured that the prices will shoot up once the Metro comes up.

Apart from all these factors, what made our decision easier was investing in a developer like Mahendra Homes who were there with us in each and every step of the process right from procuring the loan to the delivery of our dream home in a timely fashion. We wake up to lush greenery on all sides and are greeted by the chirping of the birds. This residential apartment in Bangalore has more than 40 amenities that include a gym, a meditation court, children’s play area, an infinity swimming pool, various sports courts etc. This helps keep our mind off work once we reach home and refreshed for the next day.

To conclude, I would like to say that this is one of the best decisions that I and my spouse have made which we don’t regret even till today.

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