There is a growing demand for a modern lifestyle and better amenities. Apartments in Electronic City have unparalleled access to seamless connectivity, courtesy of its well-planned infrastructure. The qualitative lifestyle demands it motivates the development of cities such as markets and well-built roads. Meanwhile, leisure and entertainment hubs like malls are essential recreational getaways for people living in suburban flats in Bangalore. We know that all work and no play make us all dull. Therefore, finding ourselves some recreation by going to watch movies or leisure shopping in malls helps rejuvenate us.

The importance of malls in transforming the landscape of a city and influencing the quality of lifestyle of its residents is undeniable. So, to uplift the infrastructure of Electronic City and make everything easily accessible for its residents, Mahendra Homes have pioneered the 1st integrated mall, M5-E City Mall in Electronic City. It is located on the corridor of Silk board to Hosur, allowing the people living in Electronic City easy access to entertainment and leisure at the mall. Gone are the days when you had to think twice before making impromptu plans and travel several km just to catch a movie or go shopping.

Features of the M5-E City Mall

Following are the features of our M5-E city mall conceptualised by Mahendra Homes Pvt. Ltd –

  1. The Integrated Mall- It is the 1st Integrated Mall and has five levels of branded retail and eight screens on the corridor of silk board to Hosur. The Mall measures 4,20,000 ft and would have a significant space amongst the apartments in the electronic city. People from all walks of life can gather and have a good time. Simultaneously, emphasis is around providing other services, including electronics and world-class cuisines.
  2. Well-connected- The Mall is located in South Bangalore, Electronic City Phase II. The major roads across the area are NH 44 – 0.1 Km and Hosur Road – 0.8 Km. Thus, it is well connected with other parts of Bangalore as well. 
  3. Fundamental Amenities- Acquainting with every intricate design and construction, Mahendra has come with its own sets of amenities provided to the residents in their flats in electronic Bangalore. It includes a power bank, treated and 24*7 water supply, and 24 x 7 Security. 
  4. Sustainability – The construction of the Central Green amongst the high-rising buildings acts as a public space for people to gather, perform exercises, and play sports. It would foster good relations amongst the residents. It also acts as an easy identification for the ones who aren’t aware of the sitemap of the place.

Advantages of Living near the M5-E City Mall 

The construction of the M5-E City Mall is in its ideation phase; however, with increasing appeal and popularity, people are swiftly grabbing the flats for sale in Electronic City, Bangalore, to avail of the improving lifestyle prospects since the proposition of M5-E City Mall. Moreover, the mall is all set to transform the real estate landscape in Bangalore and would further make you realise the enormous opportunity it has in store.

  1. Everything would be at your disposal with the mall’s construction. So, no extensive plans to travel far, to shop.
  2. With world-class facilities in Electronic City, residents have more options and an increased qualitative quotient of their lifestyle.
  3. Sustainability and urbanisation help provide residents with a rejuvenation space.
  4. Higher ROI with property appreciation of flats in Electronic City, Bangalore.
  5. The increase in rental asks in the surrounding areas makes real estate investment in upcoming projects a lucrative option.


Mahendra M5 E City Mall is a residential development project undertaken by Mahendra Homes Pvt. Ltd. to provide a qualitative lifestyle through world-class facilities. If you’re looking for apartments in Bangalore at affordable prices or wish to inquire more regarding our M5 E City Mall Project, email us at You can also contact us at +91 7676764466 (Aarna) or +91 7676764563 (Aarya).

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