When planning to buy an apartment in Bangalore, you should remember that your property is part of a larger community. You will have to live and establish a long term relationship with this community. So, it becomes crucial to choose the right place that houses individuals with a resonating mindset. Having like-minded people in a community around you helps you to not just exist, but thrive and grow as an individual by contributing to that community. Keeping these things in mind, you must find a neighbourhood/community that suits your needs, when buying a house.

Location and amenities

Location plays an important role in deciding the type of community it builds in your neighbourhood. Amenities and the budget cap of an apartment are a great way to get an overview of what the people living there will be like. If the amenities match what you’re looking for, then you can deduce that people with similar lifestyle needs would opt to buy an apartment in that area.

To give you an overview, if you are looking for flats for sale in Bangalore, and if you want gated communities a little outside the city’s suburbs, then areas like Harlur would be great. Here, you will find families who want high-end amenities. Areas like Koramangla and HSR Layout are the city hotspots, so you will find more of a rental set up of young professionals and students in independent houses. You can look for apartments for sale in Bangalore that can most likely have a community similar to your ideals when buying an apartment.


The lifestyle of an area is a major determiner of whether you will get a like-minded community or not. Start by asking yourself this question – what kind of lifestyle would suit you better? A historic urban neighbourhood or a quiet family-friendly suburb? Areas like Electronic City have a mixed crowd and community. With electronic city being a commercial zone, you will find more of a corporate lifestyle in its residents. The overall crowd is most likely to be young professionals. Electronic City is also connected to primary areas of Bangalore, so it has good accessibility for commute and travel. So, the apartments for sale in Electronic City are most likely to resonate with the corporate lifestyle. Young professionals, veteran corporate businessmen, tycoons and their families will find it a good fit to live in such places. If you fall into any such groups, then it is best to get an apartment in Electronic City, Bangalore.

Scouting out the area

It is important to know what lies in your surroundings such as sports centres, clubs and other recreational areas. It makes it convenient to pursue an active lifestyle and hobbies according to your interests without having to worry about the commute. Proximity to such recreational areas will also help determine where you will find a like-minded community. People with similar sports interests are likely to get along well and have good synergy in building a functional and fun neighbourhood. These are great places for you to have peace as well as enjoyment with people sharing your interests. So, don’t hesitate to scout out the area and do your research before buying a house.

These tips and tricks can help you find the community that you most resonate with, within Bangalore. If you are someone looking for like-minded people with an attitude to achieve a sustainable and high-quality standard of living, then opt for flats in Electronic City. Many luxury flats are available for sale in Electronic City, Bangalore, that offer the best-in-class amenities and recreational centres for communities of all age groups and mindsets.

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