Looking up at a canopy of overgrown trees, smelling the fresh dew in the morning, listening to the call of birds are all the telltale signs of living in paradise. But other than making our hearts sing, what else do plants do for us?

Plants and trees purify the air and increase the oxygen levels in their surroundings. One of the best weapons against pollution, they also help in repairing the ozone layer. Having more plants naturally increases the humidity levels, leading to a reduction in breathing problems, optimum immunity levels and great skin.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables ensures that our bodies get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals and keeps us healthy.

And gardening as a hobby, has its own charm. Growing something from a seed, caring for a plant, squelching your hands in the mud, contribute positively to your mood and stress levels.

If you want to start growing plants, here are some ideas that can help you whether you want to start small or go big.

Indoor plants

Ditch the air purifiers and bring in the natural ones by growing plants indoors. The greenery can become a central piece of art or can be used to light up and lighten up dark corners.

Certain plants are made to be grown indoors, but with the growing pollution levels in the city, we would suggest you grow weeping figs, mother-in-law’s tongue, peace lilies and spider plants. These are easy to maintain indoors and don’t grow very big.

Keeping a terrarium in the house is the easiest form of gardening. You get ready made terrariums in the market or if you are feeling adventurous, help your kids make your own customised one. They only need to be watered once, and are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Herb garden

What’s better than having freshly cut herbs to garnish your dishes. From our very own desi coriander and curry leaves, to italian herbs like rosemary, oregano and thyme, you can grow your own herb garden in your terrace or balcony. You can put these in hanging pots or bird feeders to make the area look prettier as well.

Terrace garden

Look at what vegetables and fruits you use often, and you might just be able to grow them in pots. Some easy to grow plants are brinjal, spinach, pomegranate and aloe vera.

If you are a “stop by to smell the flowers” kind of a person, why not stop by your own terrace garden each day? You can make your garden colourful with various coloured flowers and crotons or go with a single colour theme.

You can also grow a small lawn on your terrace for your morning cups of coffee. Did you know that walking on grass can also help ground you and keep you more connected with the earth?

Start small and add to your garden every couple of months. Before you know it, the next time you need an ingredient for your garden or for your beauty regimen, you’ll be picking it fresh from your own garden.

We at AARNA offer private terrace gardening. To check these out, do get in touch with one of our executives.

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