Investment has been one of the most crucial aspects of money management and wealth creation. It gives you a remarkable ability to take risks and manoeuvre through losses. Money lying dormant in

your bank account has no utility. Instead, its value only depreciates over time due to inflation. So, it is better to put that money to good use. Investing in gold, mutual funds, real estate, stocks, etc., helps

build wealth and compounds the money, increasing its value. If you look at the bigger picture of investment, then it gives you long-term benefits. You can afford a better lifestyle and fulfil your financial

goals. Investing early helps you get a headstart on your journey of financial independence. You can start by investing in various portfolios and experimenting to know which portfolio suits you best. Real

estate investment is one such option. If you plan strategically, you can secure a lucrative real estate investment in your early 20s. There are many benefits of early investment:

Gives you a headstart: Time is a significant asset in investment. Compounding your finances helps increase its value. So, the sooner you start, the more wealth you will have later in life. Starting early in your 20s will give you a parallel income as your wealth grows. You can invest in real estate in your early 20s, say buying apartments in Bangalore. Now, you can generate rental income from that investment and reinvest the money to build cumulative wealth. Early investment will offer a parallel income. This newfound money can then be reinvested. Investing early gives you time to learn and have an informed outlook toward investment.

Repay Loans Early: Investing in real estate in your early 20s helps you repay the loan by the time you enter your 30s. You can own a luxury flat in Electronic City, Bangalore, which can yield high returns. Early loan repayment ensures your financial freedom and gives you the stability to live your life on your terms.

Promotes Money Management: Managing money is simple yet can be difficult if not done right. Mastering this early helps avoid any frantic spending habits and enables you to save more to invest more. Planning investment strategies in your early 20s build a growth mechanism and financial discipline. Prioritising investments in stocks and real estate keep your expenses in check and rewards you in the long run. This habit also saves you from getting into the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Given the high appreciation value, you can invest in apartments in Bangalore to better allocate your investment funds.

Early Retirement: A parallel income gives you financial freedom and early retirement. You can use the saved-up money to reinvest in other real estate projects, such as investing in an apartment for sale in Bangalore, thereby creating more income sources. If you can do this in your early 20s, then a steady rental income will allow you to focus on your passions without stress.

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