A Khata and B Khata Certificates are two terminologies that most new home buyers may have encountered while scouting to buy upcoming apartments in Bangalore. If you are one among them, read on. These Khata certificates came into existence in the year, 2007 when the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) was formed. These are documents certifying the ownership of a property through the taxes paid by the owner to the BBMP. They were introduced to ease the collection of property tax in the city of Bengaluru.

The A Khata lists the legal properties in Bangalore while the B Khata records unauthorised or partially legal properties in the city. Having an A Khata in hand enables you to apply for trade licences, building licences or even avail of loans on your properties in Bangalore.

The B Khata allows the BBMP to collect taxes from illegally constructed buildings and includes properties that violate bylaws, constructions in revenue lands, unauthorized layouts, incomplete projects and projects that lack issuance certificates. 

A “B Khata” property is allowed to be bought and sold but you cannot avail of any loans from the bank. An “A Khata” certificate on the other hand allows you to avail bank loans towards your properties in Bangalore. You can then opt for domestic or commercial construction.

Having an A Khata certificate, you can apply for essential amenities like water supply, electricity connection, etc which you cannot do with a B Khata certificate. These B Khata properties in Bangalore can be upgraded to A Khata properties through the following steps. 

  • Convert agricultural land to non-agricultural use by applying for District Commissioner (DC) Conversion.
  • All the property taxes that are due on the property to date should be cleared as per the government norms.
  • Procure the Khata form from the BBMP office and fill in the required details.
  • Arrange for all the required documents.
  • Make the payment towards BBMP Betterment charges and submit the form along with the tax receipts and the required documents to the Assistant Revenue Officer of the area.

The A Khata certificate is usually issued within four to six weeks after the submission of the required documents.

What are the required documents though?

You will need the below-listed documents to convert your B Khata certificate to an A Khata certificate.

  • Title Deed
  • Sale Deed
  • Copies of previously paid tax receipts
  • Proof of paid improvement charges
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Khata Extract
  • Blueprint displaying the location of the property.
  • Order of conversion of land from agricultural to non-agricultural use.
  • Any additional documents that are required for the conversion.
  • Blueprint displaying the dimensions and specifications of the property.

To simplify things for you, you can finish this process online. The steps involved are:

  • Log onto www.sakala.kar.nic.in/Onlineservices
  • Select the “transfer of Khatas” option.
  • Create your account.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • A sakala number will be issued to you to track the status of your request.
  • After receiving an SMS alert, you can download the Khata extract online.

Apart from these Khatas, occasionally we also hear about E- Khata which is nothing but an electronic Khata. This document can be used only if you have been allotted a property identification number. This includes those properties that have been registered under the BMRDA.

Using your unique PID Number, you can easily access your Khata account, pay your taxes online and obtain receipts.

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