Buying a house is a big decision. It is capital intensive so you need to have every nitty gritty stuff planned to have a hassle-free experience. Attention to detail concerning all the charges is important since there are many hidden expenses on top of the base price of the house. To give a clear picture of all the charges several builders and promoters offer homes with an all-inclusive price tag devoid of any hidden charges. Here is a look at how this benefits homebuyers financially.

Why are developers offering an all-inclusive price tag?

Real estate is a competitive market. So, reliability and earning customer trust is the core principle for developers to maintain their brand’s longevity in the market. Many buyers are skeptical about buying properties from developers at the construction stage since they often carry hidden charges and are revealed as a surprise at the time of possession. So, to establish certainty and remain ahead of the competition, the developers offer incentives in the form of an all-inclusive price tag covering all the charges to be paid to the builder in the base price itself.

What are the advantages of opting for a home with an all-inclusive price tag?

Experts have the opinion that buying an all-inclusive property helps eliminate any surprises since all the facts are in front of you from the very start. You get a lot of advantages when you buy an all-inclusive home.

Transparent pricing: All the facts concerning the charges are given to you at the very start. This way, you as the homebuyer will be liable to pay only the specified amount of the flat/apartment to the builder and the registration and stamp duty charges on the all-inclusive price. Apart from this, you will not have to pay anything not specifically mentioned in the pricing model.

Better planning of finances: Once you have all the facts laid out before you in detail, you can easily plan your finances. How much downpayment you will give and also deciding how much amount you will take as a home loan also becomes clear.

Discounted price: The all-inclusive pricing model, also sustains the discount and gives you better deals with zero compromises on the value-added components included with their services.

What factors to keep in mind when buying a house with an all-inclusive price tag?

Just because you are getting an all-inclusive price tag for your house you should not be careless. Keep these things in mind before settling the deal:

  • Read all the terms and conditions of the agreement and check the price slab thoroughly.
  • Negotiate with the builders concerning all the charges included in the base price such as interior designing, floor height cost, etc. Since you can negotiate concerning any charges included which may seem unreasonable concerning the physical structure. So, you should ensure that you are in agreement with all the included charges and are completely reasonable.
  • Due diligence is mandatory to ensure all the documents, terms and conditions are in place for the all-inclusive price home.
  • Clarify that you only have to pay the amount mentioned in the documents.

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