If you have ever been to your South Indian friend’s residential apartments in Bangalore, chances are you may have seen a cow entering the flat before anybody else could get inside. Strikes as unique? Wait till you hear about more such unique traditions from the rest of the world. These are not mere rituals but hold immense meaning and have been an important part of their culture. To know what they are, read on!

Lighting a candle on the first night

Ever wondered what the meaning of housewarming is when you decided to perform the Graha Pravesh for your new project in Bangalore? Traditionally, fire stands for strength and purity which is why several European traditions involve lighting a candle or a fire on the first night that is spent at home. This was said to ward off evil spirits.

To Bring Bread and Salt

This is a ritual that many believe could have evolved from the Russian Jewish tradition. It was considered auspicious to bring bread and salt as the first items into a new home. The bread symbolized that the residents never go hungry while the salt indicated a life full of flavour. Salt is also considered a sign of hospitality and wealth as it was once so valuable that it was used as currency. Fun fact this tradition has now extended to space with astronauts having brought bread and salt on both Mir and the International Space Station to celebrate their new home up in zero gravity. 

To scatter coins

Scattering coins in the living room on the day you move into your new property in Bangalore may sound bizarre to you but not to the residents in the Philippines. This is considered to bring prosperity and good luck to the family.

Tying a holy thread

This is a Thai tradition that is slightly similar to ours as you may have gotten one tied to your wrist as well during the grihapravesh ceremony of your residential apartment in Bangalore. An odd number of Buddhist monks are invited home for a Khuan Ban Mai blessing ceremony. The monks will then tie a sai seen (a holy thread) around the wrist to bring in good fortune.

Entering and Exiting from the Same Door

This is a fun tradition that you may want to incorporate in your housewarming ceremony when you step into your new projects in Bangalore.  It is considered auspicious to enter and exit from the same door on the day you move in.

Burning Sage

This is said to have originated from Native America. This involves the burning of dried sage in every room that you wish to cleanse. Directing the smoke to the four corners of the room is said to protect from evil spirits. Aboriginal traditions encourage covering up mirrors, windows and switching off electronics.

Ringing a Tibetan Bell

It is a custom in Tibet to ring a bell in each room of their new house to clear space and add positive energy.

Preparing a meal

After the completion of the construction, the French would traditionally throw a party called the ‘pendre la cremaillere’ meaning “to hang the chimney hook”. The phrase originates from medieval times when it was customary to invite everyone who helped in building the house to dinner. The food would be cooked in a large pot over the fire wherein a chimney hook is used to raise or lower the pot to heat or cool the food.

Now that you know these unique traditions, you can incorporate some of these in your housewarming ceremony when you move into your dream residential apartments in Bangalore.

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