Growing up, one of the earliest glimpses that I got of gated community living was in the nineties Mani Ratnam blockbuster Anjali. The film showcased a motley group of children who though initially refuse to accept the precocious Anjali for she is perceived to be different than them soon take her into their fold. The community proves to be the perfect setting to show us how the children develop into accepting personalities through the means of socialization. Cut to 2020. Now, several flats in Bangalore are a part of gated communities with increased amenities.

So what is it that makes a gated community perfect for your child?


As parents, even when we are in the middle of a busy meeting, our thoughts usually revolve around our children. With the increasing number of nuclear families, most parents cannot afford to supervise the safety of their kids all the time. So, what do you do? This is where gated communities come into play. 

Most of these properties in Bangalore are well equipped with CCTVS and round-the-clock security. They have fixed entry and exit points, intercoms, electric fences, etc thus ensuring the safety of your child. Additionally, gated communities offer a sense of protection to your kids as they can play safely without the fear of speeding vehicles.


For a child to be happy and healthy, she should be provided with all the amenities possible to explore her hobbies and discover her interests. This has been kept in mind by properties in Bangalore like Mahendra Aarna which is why they are not just equipped with a children’s play area but also several other amenities like a cricket pitch, a badminton court, a kids pool, volleyball court, etc.

Social Skills

Gated communities provide ample opportunities to your little one to socialize with their peers and help in their overall mental development. This is not just by providing them play spaces but the sense of bonding in gated communities is extremely strong with every event celebrated with complete cooperation and togetherness.

Quick Medical Care

Children are highly prone to injuries and in a gated community; you will have immediate access to medical help as most of them have an in-house clinic or a first-aid kit thus ensuring timely medical help.

Green spaces

There have been ample studies proving how greenery helped improve the attention span of children and helping them learn better. It has been established that nature helped relieve stress, promote creativity and a sense of social connection. This is why residential apartments in Bangalore like Mahendra Aarna have extensively covered themselves in green cover in the form of several gardens and also include private gardens to select flats.

To conclude, gated communities are slowly challenging the notion of apartments being a concrete jungle as several apartments in Bangalore have started embracing the concept of large spaces, greenery and amenities to help your child’s mental growth. 

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