Are you a resident of Bangalore?

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is known for its fast-paced lifestyle and professionalism at its best. After buying flats in Electronic City, the heart and soul of Bangalore, you must always ensure that your home is a hub for mental tranquillity and peace.

In this rapidly urbanised lifestyle, we are more and more focused on our ambitions at the cost of our health and happiness. Maintaining proper work-life balance is essential for our body and time to eliminate/minimise stress.

Continue reading to get an idea about how to maintain your work-life balance through your apartment building amenities.

4 Tips to Balance Work and Personal Life In Electronic City

Efficient work-life balance does not necessarily mean keeping time only for yourself. You must allocate time for your friends and family along with personal interests to maintain a sustainable rhythm between your professional life and your professional life.

4 Things to do after buying luxury flats in Electronic City to maintain a healthy lifestyle include:

1. Attend Fitness Centre

Staring at a computer screen for hours while sitting at your desk does take a toll on your health. Visit the common gym of your apartment building for a light exercise regime to maintain your health.

2. Take a Walk in the Park

Not feel like running on a treadmill after office hours? You can take brisk walks along the common garden area of your building. You can walk along with your partner or neighbour and discuss anything ranging from the stock market to theological debates getting a much-needed break from your tense day at work.

3. Opt for Co-working

Some of the best apartments in Electronic City Bangalore, feature coworking spaces in the garden. Since the pandemic, there has been a growing trend among companies to allocate work from home for the benefit of their employees.

You can continue with your daily responsibilities from the co-working space of your building under fresh air devoid of any kind of pollution. Work becomes fun when you have a friend or neighbour as your coworker.

4. Play on the Weekends

Play cricket or volleyball with your neighbours, harnessing a spirit of healthy competition.  A sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of diseases among working professionals. While weekends are meant for relaxation, you can partake in various sporting activities within your building.

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Why Choose Mahendra Aarya?

If you are not a permanent resident of Bangalore, but need an apartment for your job, buying flats in Electronic City can also be a superb investment opportunity. As per recent statistics, the real estate market has grown by 13% in Electronic City alone. You can book an apartment, stay in during your job duration, and then sell it at a higher rate of return after retirement or transfer.

Some amenities in our Mahendra Aarya apartments you can enjoy are:

  • Proper rooftop swimming pool providing a complete view of the “Silicon Valley”
  • Dedicated barbeque areas for an evening of relaxation and bonding
  • Butterfly gardens and open co-working spaces ensure harmony with nature
  • Pet-friendly with dedicated pet-walking parks
  • Scientifically designed fully-equipped gyms
  • Jogging and running tracks

All within our building premises!

With Mahendra Aarya, you can get all kinds of amenities, schools, colleges, hospitals, etc. within reach. The famous Xavier Institute of Management is located at a distance of only 10 minutes while reaching the Vimalalaya Hospital takes only about 5 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a site visit today and ensure that your professional life and personal life are balanced with each other, putting an end to all your affordable flats in Electronic City searches.

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