Any investor worth his salt will tell you that it is location which plays a major role when it comes to real estate investment. One can always improve your property through renovation but the one thing that you cannot change is location. One of the biggest mistakes that we have seen most homebuyers do is to compromise on the location in favour of a bargain. There are several flats for sale in Bangalore where realtors try to convince you to compromise on the location in favour of a low price. But is it worth it in the future? To know, read on!

Say Goodbye to Noise Pollution

Even if it is the best apartment in Electronic City, if it is situated on the main road, you can forget about peace and quiet when you come back home. 

Limited Viability of Resale and Rent

A vast section of the real estate agents is of the consensus that over 60% of buyers are not interested in buying a house on the main road. The reason behind this is a majority of homebuyers and tenants have specific requirements when it comes to their pets and kids. There have been instances of kids chasing a ball onto the main road and getting injured. Nobody wants that.  To add to these woes, your tenant may not feel comfortable navigating through the busy morning traffic. These factors can lower the chance of a resale or renting your home.  

End of Traffic Woes

If you own a home on the main road, chances are that you have a tough time getting your car out. But, if it is off from the main road, you can drive peacefully without any obstruction.

Healthy Living

 Having a home on the main road can be extremely hazardous to your health with all the pollutants affecting your respiratory system and various organs. At flats in Bangalore which are away from the main road, you get to breathe freely. Additionally, apartments in Bangalore like Mahendra Aarna have heavily invested in green spaces to ensure that you get your daily dose of oxygen.  

Close yet far from the hustle-bustle

There are properties in Electronic City like Mahendra Aarna that are located away from the main road yet close to all the amenities that you need thus making you feel included but secluded.

To conclude, properties on the main road may look good on paper and in a prospering economy may even fetch you good returns. But what is the situation when the market cools off as is the situation in the world right now? Keep in mind that property investing is all about consistent growth. Having a home away from the main road ensures that you get all the comforts that you would have had living on the main road minus its cons. This is a win-win situation for you. To know more book a visit to Mahendra aarna . 

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